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Julie Michaels is best known for her roles in the film Road House and Desperate Housewives. Born on Larson Air Force Base, Julie began her passion for the military by watching and learning from her father, an M.P., and continuing to learn from Chris Noel, a Vietnam heroine.
Show # 1 - Julie attends the homecoming party for Iraq returnee Victor Vinson. Victor was a senior NCO with a reserve unit that saw action in Masul with local mercenaries.
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Show # 2 - Julie talks to Vietnam vet Doug Dobransky about his return from that war and the continuing memories.
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Show #3 - Julie Michaels is your host as we look at the National Veterans Foundation\'s, homeless veterans outreach program.
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Show # 4 - The Gratitude Campaign demonstrates how to show our appreciation for our returning troops by using a simple and subtle gesture.
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Show #5 - This heartfelt program comes of you courtesy of Operation Mom and The Children of Vietnam Veterans.
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Show #6 - This movie trailer for \"All The Way Home\" tells the story of seriously wounded Iraq and Afghanistan vets who are able to spend a week fishing in Montana, courtesy of Lewis & Clark Expeditions and donations from private charity organizations.
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Show #7 - VJ Day, Honolulu, Welcome Home!
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Show #8 - Some great clips of OEF/IEF troops returning home!
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